Nanowire is one of the newest weapons revealed in Cyberpunk 2077, the new game from The Witcher studio CD Projekt RED. It's coming April 16, 2020, complete with Keanu Reeves in the supporting cast.

No one outside of CD Projekt RED has actually played Cyberpunk 2077 anyway, but it has appeared considerably on E3 in the last two years. Developers sit down in a crowded, dark theater on the second floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center and play a 50-minute portion of the game live as they share the experience.

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<p>This year the demo starts deep in Night City, a transhumanistic mecca between San Francisco and Los Angeles. V, the adaptable protagonist, takes on a new mission to infiltrate a dilapidated compound on the fringes of society. The area was once destined to be a paradise resort for the ultra-rich, but the global economy collapsed and every company withdrew from the project. Now the towering concrete hotels and shopping centers are covered in dust clouds, without windows and draped in torn banners. Even the police don't come here anymore.</p>
<p>V meets Placide, the interim leader of a gang that controls the unregulated, unincorporated city. They walk past improvised stalls and hang-out places, with locals talking friendly to Placide. The gangs of Night City may be cruel, but some of them are pillars in their community, developers remember the room.</p>
<p>Placide and V talk, reveal rich dialogue trees that change depending on which special players choose to rest. This V is a Netrunner, which gives him special hacking and tactical skills, and he comes from a business background, which means that he has extra conversation options in administrative situations. None of these skills helps him with Placide, which hacks the brain of V, so that he can follow the mission in real time.</p>
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V is in charge of eliminating the Animals gang, a group of chubby, muscle-obsessed bodybuilders and hunters who use the latest technology to build on. Like Netrunner, V sneaks around the terrain, sneaking and hacking a road past groups of animals. His patience pays off. V observes a room for about 10 seconds and then takes remote control of a boxing robot, causing an animal to be slapped in the face so hard that it falls to the floor, bleeding. He sees someone who is preparing to use an electronic bench press and hacks it, crushing the muscular guy beneath it into a stream of blood and gargels.

He didn't have to do that – the entire game can be completed without killing anyone, developers say.

The entire game can be completed without killing anyone.

Sasquatch is the leader of the animals and even in a hideout of gigantic people, she is clearly ultra-powerful. A glowing purple substance splashes around in a tube on her back, giving her extra strength and immunity to damage and pain. V shoots the tube, avoids the swings of her giant hammer and takes her out with a few laps of his gun.

In battles with hordes of animals in subsequent rooms, V uses attacking hacking techniques – he takes over a turret, causing it to shoot animals instead of him. He hacks the robotic improved limbs of Animals, which makes someone pull a grenade on themselves. And then he takes out the Nano wire, throws it through the room to make contact with the head of an enemy and roasts his brain. The same thread also shoots out like a whip, flattering and sliding through limbs like butter.

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