Manual Juicer – Buying guide, reviews and tests in 2019

To start a day, taste or at lunch, fruit juice is never too much. To get as fresh as possible, you must have a manual juicer at hand. If the ideal does not exist, it is very possible to find kitchen appliances of very good quality. But to do this, there are several purchase criteria to consider, such as the type of material, usability and reliability. Our buying guide develops all these essential points. On the other hand, if you don't have enough time to see all the important elements, but you just have to buy an excellent hand press, choose the right one. OneConcept EcoJuicer XXL. This allows you to extract up to 20% more juice than a conventional model. the Rosenstein & Söhne Premium can also seduce you with its design and usability.

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What are the best manual juicers from 2019?

Buying guide

A manual juicer is a kitchenware that is popular with juice fans for breakfast and afternoon tea or at any time of the day. It is a simple way to make your juice so that it retains all its nutritional value. With some oranges or lemons and two in three movements you have your natural juice full of vitamin within reach.

1.oneConcept EcoJuicer XXL

Why is a juicer highly recommended? Today, many try to regain a healthy diet and change their lifestyle to become healthy again. & # 39; In the morning, nothing beats a good fresh citrus juice to have its dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes for the entire day. All these nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of the body that you will not necessarily find in cooked food. A cold-pressed juice is essential in a health plan.

Depending on your budget you choose a more or less advanced device. Some juicers are designed to save space thanks to their vertical structure. You can choose yours depending on the performance or also on the quality of the juice that you can do with it.

Manual juice extractors have a large number of models that you cannot fully assess before you make your purchase. Therefore, take into account the criteria of the device that meet your expectations.

Recommended products

OneConcept EcoJuicer XXL

Juicer - The best manual juicerMaking your own fruit juice every day is pure pleasure with the OneConcept EcoJuicer XXL juice extractor. Equipped with a lever, you can press your oranges without difficulty and without noise, because it is manual. You will not disturb those who still sleep in the morning when you prepare breakfast.

Even if you make enough juice for the whole family, you won't get tired, you will even taste it! During your manipulations, the stability of the bowl will facilitate the task. This kitchenware is very easy to maintain because the parts are removable. All you have to do is remove them and flood them.

The materials in which it is manufactured are durable: steel and chrome. In addition, it is very economical from the point of view of storage because the vertical design ensures that you can slip into a corner of your sofa. It takes up very little space. This product stands out in a simple comparison.

If you want to know where you can buy the best hand press, take the OneConcept EcoJuicer XXL. Tests have shown that it is a solid product (made of steel and chrome), very practical, quiet and easy to maintain.

Positive points

The lever:

The OneConcept EcoJuicer XXL manual juicer has a lever with which you can effortlessly and finely squeeze fruit. Making juice for the whole family is now child's play.

Removable parts:

The maintenance of the OneConcept EcoJuicer XXL is facilitated by the removability of the stainless steel components. Just take them apart and put them in the water or in a washing machine.

Negative points


According to the consumer's opinion, this product can only be blamed for the small capacity of the socket. You can indeed only put a glass under the press. However, it is the most efficient in the manual juicer category so we do with.

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Rosenstein & Söhne Premium

2. Rosenstein & SöhneFor a great performance and not to waste your fruit, the Premium Lever Juicer Rosenstein & Söhne is your ally. The professional quality improves the performance. Compared to a regular juicer, it can indeed extract up to 20% more juice.

Moreover, it is very effective for busy people to make a lot of juice in a short time. Refueling at any time of the day is now possible. You will not apologize unless your fruit supply is exhausted.

You can vary your drinks: grapefruit juice, lemon or orange. Why not a juice cocktail? You can place a glass of up to 12 cm under your Rosenstein & Söhne juice extractor. That is, a large glass of juice sufficient for one person. Moreover, this cast iron and stainless steel device is robust and the lever requires almost no effort to squeeze your citrus fruit.

If you are not sure which manual juicer you should choose, choose the Rosenstein & Söhne Premium. Given its potential, we can say that Rosenstein & Söhne is the best brand of juicer.

Positive points

More juice:

Rosenstein & Söhne Premium offers considerably higher yields than other juice extractors. If you want to compare, you can extract up to 20% more juice with the Rosenstein & Söhne Premium to stop wasting fruit.


the cast iron and stainless steel that make up the Rosenstein & Söhne Premium production materials offer great strength and robustness.

Negative points

The weight:

the reverse of a robust cast iron is the not very practical weight. Rosenstein & Söhne Premium does indeed weigh 6.2 kg, and if we make a small ranking, this is the heaviest of the juicer.

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Emsa 2227141200 Superline

3. Ema 2227141200For lovers of the environment, the juicer model Emsa 2227141200 Superline is the ideal. This brand respects the environment and only uses certified raw materials in the manufacture of its utensils.

Moreover, with this small juicer you can squeeze up to 0.4 liters of fresh juice. Thanks to the transparent bowl you can see how much juice you got with the fruit that you had on hand.

One of the advantages is that the pulp and juice are separated by the grooves.

In this way you have the choice to drink your juice without pulp or to enjoy the pulp, you only have to mix the two. Because you have to press your orange to extract the juice, the Superline juice extractor has an anti-slip that prevents your bowl from moving and splashing.

The Emsa 2227141200 Superline is a traditional manual juicer with a colored slot press and a transparent bowl for storing the juice. The grooves make it possible to collect the pulp without mixing it with the juice.

Positive points

Green Juicer:

The EMSA brand cultivates respect for the environment and man in the production of all these products. To do this, their production units are energy efficient and their quality controls are very strict.

The slip:

Because with the Emsa 2227141200 Superline you have to press on the fruit to extract the juice, it is provided with a non-slip to prevent the bowl from moving or leaking.

Negative points

Requires effort:

As a traditional manual juice extractor, the Emsa 2227141200 Superline requires effort and perseverance to extract the juice from the fruit. Normally the product is the cheapest on the market.

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The manual juicer makes it possible to cancel your preparations and prepare yourself a good refreshment in times of warm weather. And because more and more unusual models are appearing on the market, we sometimes wonder how we can use this device from another planet. In this article we do our best to clarify you.

Save no effort

You have almost nothing to do with this product. You just have to place the orange and then lower the lever and you have your juice. The product is extremely practical in the sense that it works without sound and can be used at any time.

Promote a height-adjustable juicer

It is much more comfortable to use a juicer with a height-adjustable press. This gives you more choice as to which container to use to absorb the juice without splashing the work surface: glass, mug, cup, carafe and others. Equipped with an efficient juicer, you get up to 20% more juice compared to other models.

Choose a version with a measuring container

When precision in your recipes is required, we advise you to help a model with measuring cup. With this type of article you measure the milliliters of the juice that you need, for example, to break down fruit or to flavor a cake. The pulp is held in the grooves, you don't have to strain your juice and win twice as much time.

Get the right technology

You can tell us that this is a very harmless operation that does not require any technique. Well, wrong, to get juice faster without leaving your wrist or arm, you better turn the fruit from left to right while pressing lightly on it.

Clean your juicer easily

By relying on a product made of removable parts, you greatly facilitate maintenance. Rest assured, it will not be a problem to reassemble and reset everything. And it doesn't matter if you use it every day. This juicer in stainless steel and chrome stays in place.

Vary the joys

With this equipment the user can vary the joys. You can prepare orange juice, lemon juice and even grapefruit. If you are a fan of cocktails, it is even better.

Go to models that take up very little space

If your crockery starts to tighten in your cupboards and you have more space, take an item the size of a bowl, but with the spout and handle. This gives you more stability, because it includes an anti-slip base.

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