For this baked apple recipe apples cooking (reddish brown or forest sale) – Brown sugar or sugar – juice lemon – butter.

Preparation of the recipe

One of the simplest desserts and that also balms the kitchen.

Choose beautiful apples reinette or boskoop of the same caliber.
Clean them with clean water and a soft brush.
Dry the apples and hollow them out.
If the skin annoys, peel the fruits and citronner generous to prevent oxidation.

Personally I prefer them unpeeled, they are better at cooking.

Place them in a suitable baking dish.
Prick at different places in the peel to prevent the apples from bursting when they are cooked.
Fill the central cavity of each apple with Brown sugar brown and a knob of butter.
Pour a little lemon juice into the dish.
Cook at 170-180 ° C for about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the apples.

Serve hot, hot or cold with a little whipped cream for the most greedy.

A few words about the recipe

The name "Good Woman" is usually associated with primers that evoke a family kitchen, simple or a little rustic. This is the case with baked apples.

Apples go very well with red fruit such as black currant and raspberry. We can therefore vary the recipe by replacing the vergeoise with red fruit jam.
If you prefer them to sugar, you can associate them with the cinnamon or from vanilla whose aromas match perfectly with this fruit.

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