One of the reasons for its power is that Chia makes a significant contribution to vitamins and minerals.

The chia It is one of the most eaten foods today. It is considered a superfood because it offers many benefits and much better properties for health.

This herbaceous plant comes from lamiaceae and it grows in various countries of South America, such as Mexico or El Salvador. He is related to the Aztecs and, in his language, means strength. It's a multipurpose food This can be added in many dishes. Know why you should incorporate chia into your diet.

Large amount of vitamins and minerals

One of the reasons for its power is that Chia makes a significant contribution to vitamins and minerals. Specifically, its protein is important, far more than other seeds. Among the minerals we can highlight calcium, potassium, iron and a good fiber intake. Among vitamins, chia has vitamin B1 and vitamin C.

It has antioxidants

Chia has many other benefits, such as antioxidants, needed to regulate our body. It is also important to fight against aging because it leaves the skin much better.

Excellent for losing weight

It is necessary to incorporate this seed because it also allows us to reduce weight and lose weight. Indeed, the fibers, among other vitamins, help to regulate the intestine and allow a better digestion. It is not surprising that this is a favorite food for those who diet or just want to take care of themselves, both inside and out.

Increased muscle mass

This is not only suitable for those who want to diet but also for athletes. Therefore, thanks to the fibers and proteins, it allows us to regenerate the muscle tissue and thus to gain muscle mass.

How to use them? Great versatility

As we have pointed out, this brings great versatility. For example, we can add them to smoothies and yogurts, in addition to the small fruits that we incorporate. It's a different way of taking this food. Another way to use it is to spread chia on certain recipes, such as pasta or salad. Therefore, we can take it for breakfast, snacks and also as a second course. Chia tea is another specialty that will control our body well.

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