The vaginal odor comes from a woman’s vagina. If it is a strong problem, it can have various causes and can represent a problem that develops over time.

In any case, if we notice a vaginal smell that is still very strong, it may be time to go to the doctor, but if there is a slight smell, then it is usually something normal. The most frequent causes are hormonal changes and infectionsalthough it is advisable to exclude all kinds of possible problems.

In general, the smell of vaginal discharge is normal because the fluid keeps the vagina clean and moist. Then there is the vaginal flora, the bacteria that protect us from infections.

Causes of normal vaginal odor

This smell occurs at certain stages in a woman’s life. An example is menstruation, which offers a series of hormonal changes and the vaginal smell during the period before menstruation is usually a little stronger.

On the other hand, the sexual activity also cause a different smell, while pregnancy also involves hormonal changes in the woman’s body and increased intensity of the smell. At the same time, we have the menopause stage, when hormones decrease, the smell and secretion of their flow is altered.

Causes of an abnormal odour

As we have indicated, when the vaginal smell is still strong, there may be a problem. The direct causes of this phenomenon are vaginitis, trichomoniasis, rectovaginal fistulacervical and vaginal cancer.

In addition, when vaginal discharge changes in appearance and odour, it can be caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea or chlamydia. This is often accompanied by a burning sensation during urination and pain during sexual intercourse.

It should be noted that a simple smell can be abnormal, i.e. when there is a problem, the vaginal smell is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as itching, burning, irritation or secretions.

To prevent STDs, it is important to use condoms during sex and ask our partner if he or she has a possible STD so that we don’t have one. In case of doubt, it is preferable to have examinations by a doctor.

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