Verbena is a medicinal plant of European origin that has important health benefits.

Its incomparable smell reminds us of the forests, the countryside and the spring. When we wash with a verbena soap, it leaves a soft and pleasant atmosphere that touches, especially our skin.

The verbena It is a medicinal plant of European origin that has important health benefits. If we are not sure if its properties are going well first, we should consult our doctor.

Main properties

Verbena is used for many remedies. For example, among his actions, it appears that he is digestive, analgesic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, goes well as a tonic, and much more.


There are detoxifying products naturally. It is a powerful diuretic because one of its functions is to stimulate the release of urine by the body and thus eliminate toxins and fats. Therefore, it can be used in case of diet and for those who want to lose weight or just maintain it.

It gives us energy

Those who defend the fantastic properties of verbena agree that it helps in states of fatigue and gives us energy, both physically and mentally.

Improved digestion

This plant has the advantage of improving digestion a little slower. We can regulate the body daily and we will find ourselves better. This is achieved with verbena infusions that can be prepared.

Against headache

There are many ways to alleviate the headache and apparently, verbena is a natural cure for this problem. In return, it helps to reduce fever. In case of fever, we will always listen to the doctor.

In cosmetics

As we emphasized at the beginning, in cosmetics, it helps to make the skin softer, softer, nourished and regenerated.


This plant can not be taken during pregnancy, nor recommended for children under 12 years. We can not abuse it like many other plants. As can be seen, there are not too many contraindications because it is a widely used plant that can mitigate many remedies.

Now, if we are not sure and we need someone to confirm it, it is best to pay attention to the doctor in every way.

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