According to one study, CO2 levels in closed spaces can have negative effects on our health.

The levels of carbon dioxide in the interior could affect our health. We live surrounded by pollution, be outdoors at home. This significantly reduces our health. According to a study, the levels of CO2 Registered on the inside can have negative effects on our health.

And it is something quite common that can happen in theaters, lounges and offices, that is, in places where we spend many hours a day. All this, according to the study, causes certain effects such as stress and kidney and bone problems.

In addition, studies on University of Essex They also confirmed that CO2 concentrations between 1000 and 2000 ppm can cause drowsiness, while higher concentrations lead to other symptoms such as headaches, lack of concentration, nausea and increased blood pressure. heartbeat.

A more efficient and healthier home

To reduce this impact of CO2 on the environment, we will reduce our energy costs. For this, it is necessary to regulate the use of electrical devices when they are not used, for example by disconnecting them from the mains. Another measure is to replace all bulbs with LED bulbs or low consumption.

Purification of the air

We can purify the air in different ways, from home ventilation to plants that will allow us to perform this function in a more natural way and illuminate each room. There are also air purifiers.

To recycle

Recycling is another way to improve and improve the health of our homes. Thus, we will not throw this useless and we will put in the containers the products which belong to each one. It's easy and everything is very well indicated.

Consume renewable energy

This is another option. Far from thinking that it is about installing something very complicated is not true. And one of the advantages is that renewable energies do not emit CO2. For this we can use solar panels and switch to other types of renewable energy, such as electricity. Choosing a company that can be helpful in this regard will increase our quality of life and also save us money and it will be better to improve our planet.

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