Although in general, these more creative works tend to cause significant stress, it's not the same in jewelry designers.

We all know that there are very stressful jobs that always fit the list of worst. These include taxi drivers, military personnel, firefighters, pilots, teachers, journalists or event coordinators.

But on the other side of the coin are the less stressful jobs. Yes, they also exist and should be considered if you are thinking about changing sectors or studying something that does not report significant headaches.

Medical laboratory technician

The ranking of the study states that those who work in this specialization are less stressed and generally receive a good salary in many parts of the world.

Operations Analyst

This is one of the jobs that causes the least headaches, although it seems the opposite.

Jewelry box

It's a matter of skill and creativity. Although as a rule, these more creative works tend to be very stressful, it's not the same for jewelry designers because they live more or less calmly.

Information Security Analyst

The level of stress is very low. According to the Forbes list, they also tend to have a fairly high salary, in the order of 80,000 euros.


Although many hairdressers get their hands on their heads, the Forbes list also assigns this task to the task. Although the truth is that they usually do many hours and it is not always a good job.


The level of stress is low and they are usually well recognized professionals. So, if you are considering what you should study, you know, the work of the audiologist also has a good prospect of growth.


Although we do not know if in Spain there really is a specialization on this subject, because it is generally the doctor who carries the ultrasounds, in many American rankings, this profession appears as one of those who offer the least stress.

As we see, it is possible to work without stress and to be able to load well at the end of the month. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each job for your physical and mental health. Whatever it is, your job also allows you many actions to change habits, be more productive and try to earn less hours.

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