The night of San Juan 2019 is magical, at the beginning of a new season, the summer, and runs from June 23 to 24.

The San Juan Night 2019 It is magical, at the beginning of a new season, the summer, and runs from June 23 to 24. These are holidays in many Spanish communities and are marked by bonfires that pay tribute to the sun.

This means that tonight is full of rituals because it is said that what is done tonight brings good luck, it breaks with the negative to give way to new times. Fire burns bad energies and purifies our soul. We must therefore burn all that is negative and we do not want in our present. We know some of the best rituals and episodes of the San Juan 2019 night.

The bonfire jumps

As we have said, in places where this evening is celebrated, it is traditional to make fires to burn everything we no longer want or need. It's a kind of purification. What is usually done next, is to jump fire while it is already relatively small. It means that we renew and get energy. In Galicia you can jump up to 9 times.

Attract love

In the same way that it happens with other special evenings like the end of the year, it's usually a good time to do rituals to attract love. To do this, simply light two red candles and leave them on all night. When working with candles, they must be fully controlled and not lose details until they disappear completely.

Bathing at the beach

Another ritual that usually lasts tonight is to swim on the beach. This for different reasons. On the one hand, because the summer is already beginning and many festivities are going on, and on the other hand because most of the festivities take place in the north where find the sea and also in the Mediterranean. Bathing is a kind of purification to purify our souls and let the water renew.

Burn papers with desires

In fires, you can burn furniture in pounds that we do not want anymore. But especially in the rituals, we can highlight by indicating on paper what we want and by burning it so that our desires are granted.

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