There are different types of loneliness. Depending on the typology, we found that the element temporary solitudewhich is usually of a temporary nature and whose causes are in the environment. And from the transient, we can move on to the chronicle which, unlike the previous one, is permanent in time.

Researchers from CIBERSAM and the Department of Psychiatry at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) analyzed the transient loneliness and concluded that may have adverse health effects.

To do this, they dealt with several people and analyzed their behaviours, noting that one-quarter of participants had feelings of loneliness at the beginning of the study. It has therefore been demonstrated that the two solitudes, transient and chronicThree years after the study, they were less healthy than people who did not feel alone.

In this study, it was noted that loneliness was chronic when people experienced feelings of loneliness at both points in the study; and that it was transient, if only they reported feeling alone at one of the two points in the study. To compare several years, they had to perform physical and cognitive tests, among other things.

This is not the only study that shows that health and loneliness are linked, but with it, it has been demonstrated that not only chronic worsened health but also transient loneliness. Although they determined from the study that political and social measures are needed to stop loneliness and avoid its chronification.

As mentioned above, there are different types of loneliness. A person who feels alone because he doesn’t want it.then it’s a situation that becomes negative and can affect you. Although another person can choose this solitudeHe chooses to isolate himself socially and then takes his decision in hand. The subject of psychological illness would not be addressed here.

Although there are more distinctions: you can be in the middle of a party and feel alone, or you can be alone and not feel alone, even if there is no one around. In addition to research, other studies have shown that loneliness prevails in all societies, including those that have formed a family, with many friends, siblings or children.

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