The last example, a donation in asystole at the hospital Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa in Seville, which allowed two kidney transplants and two corneal transplants.

L & # 39; s Hospital Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa and the University Hospital Virgen del Rocío, both located in Seville, returned to work together to register the second donation to asystole in the last two years. This gift, also called donated heart, allowed the realization of two kidney transplants, two corneal transplants and the availability of osteotendinous tissue.

This gesture is becoming more common in Andalusia: until now this year, a total of 57 such donations in the autonomous community. In this way, the upward trend continues and is already 31% of total donations against 28% recorded in 2018.

At the same time, the number of donors in Andalusia has also increased. During the first five months of the year, with donation after brain death, the 224 donations of organs and tissues. These data again place Andalucia among the communities with the highest number of donors, after surpassing the annual rate of 50 organ donors per million inhabitants, an objective set by the National Organization. transplants of Spain in 2022.

Second donation in two years

This positive trajectory has been extended to the hospital Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa, where a donation in asystole During the first four months of the year, the second that took place in this private hospital in the last two years – the previous one was completed in 2017 – said the head of the unit of Intensive care of the hospital, Juan González Maestre.

This type of donation requires greater Logistics and organizational complexity. For this reason, the Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa Hospital team benefited from the collaboration of the University Hospital Virgen del Rocío, where professionals mobilized to support the donation with the maximum guarantee.

Thanks to the donation, they were able to two kidney transplants and two of corneas; At the same time, tissue donation will benefit so many patients, says Sevilla Huelva Transplant Coordinator Luis Martín Villén.

This gift in asystole done in a private center reflects the commitment of health systems, public and private increase the health of the entire population, faithful reflection of the feeling of solidarity of the families, who, in a very complicated moment, understand that gestures such as that of the hospital Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa allow to give life and to improve the quality of life of many other patients.

Quirónsalud, pioneer of asystole donation

Quirónsalud is a pioneer of asystole donation. The Quirónsalud Sacré-Cœur Hospital in Seville recorded the first asystole donation made to a private center in Spain in May 2016.

To proceed to the donation with maximum guarantees, also had professionals from the hospital Virgen del Rocío in coordination with the team of intensive care unit of Quirónsalud Sagrado Corazón. Quirónsalud Sacred Heart received the accreditation for the removal of organs for transplantation in 2004year of the first donation, having made a total of eight donations to date, one of them in asystole.

In the case of Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa, the hospital was accredited in 2017 for the removal of organs and tissues intended for transplantation, by which time two donations in total were registered, both in asystole.

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