Women with pear-shaped bodies usually have inverted triangles.

A woman’s body has different shapes. We can talk about five or more, because each body is different and has different characteristics. Women with pear-shaped body usually have an inverted triangle.

There is usually a disproportion between the shoulders and hips, but this does not make it better or worse, and there is no single standard, because in the shape of the pear there are some variables. We know a little more about this body shape.

In general, they generally have a the chest and arms are also narrowHowever, the waist is very pronounced, and the hips are wide, which is characteristic of this figure. Thighs also tend to be turned over and calves wider. buttocks also a little wide and pronounced.

In reality, it is a very feminine silhouette because it has precisely a very marked size. sign of femininity for a lot of people. This type of body is influenced by estrogen. One of its greatest risks is cellulite, osteoporosis or the appearance of varicose veins. Some celebrities with pear-shaped bodies are the singer Jennifer Lopez and the famous Kim Kardashian.

How to dress

It’s not always easy to dress in this kind of body. So, for example, it is better to look at the torso rather than the thighs or underneath. If we offer bright colours on top and a good neckline, the visual interest goes to this piece and thus generates the feeling of a larger size.

Although here everyone can do what they want, it is recommended at the bottom of the page, use dark colours to avoid over-emphasizing curves that is usually found in this part of the body. And light colors on the waist and torso which is usually thinner and smaller.

We already know that dark colours make the body much thinner, while light colours enhance and enhance this area. This is something to consider not only for the pear-shaped body, but also for all kinds of figures.

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