Although we know that industrial baking would not be the best food for our health, we still take it.

Although we know that industrial baking would not be the best food for our health, we still take it. According to data from the Spanish Bakery, Bakery and Pastry Association (Asemac), its production in 2018 was 178,000 tonnes.

Other data that have been published are that every Spaniard consumes at home 5.89 kilos of rolls and cakes per year. Most of this per capita consumption is made up of packaged products (4.47 kilos per person), compared to 1.42 kilos in bulk, and half of them are purchased in supermarkets and convenience stores.

In this case, independent adults consume the most bread rolls, up to nearly 9.5 kilos per year. If we look at the communities, those who live in…. The Balearic Islands or Madrid are the ones that exceed the national average in the consumption of buns.. On the other hand, Rioja and the Canary Islands, which eat less of this type of food.

In terms of budget, Asemac’s data indicate that the purchase of buns and pastries for home consumption increased by 1.4%. and is very close to 30 euros per year, with an average price of 5.08 euros per kilo. While the consumption of pastries in bars, restaurants and caf├ęs represents on average 2.3 kilos per person, a figure that represents 5.7% of the total food consumed outside.

It should be noted that the industries associated with Asemac have joined the Collaborative Plan to Improve the Composition of Food and Beverages, a voluntary measure promoted by the Spanish Agency for Food Security and Nutrition (Aesan). In this context, these companies must reduce the average sugar content by 5% in filled and unfilled pastrieswith and without filling, covered doughnuts, croissants and muffins.

In addition to these measures, there are other measures, such as a 5% reduction in the average saturated fat content in uncoated doughnuts, coated doughnuts and chocolate chip breads.

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