At birth, it is not necessary to clean the inside of his mouth, but over the months, he does. Discover the oral health of the child at its various stages.

Taking care of teeth is very important to avoid future problems. This is why we must avoid this since the child is born and above all instill habits for the child to get used to it.

When he is born, it is not necessary to clean the inside of his mouth, but over the months we can do it because the first teeth will appear soon. Discover the Oral health of the child in its different stages.

What to do in the first months?

As we said, just clean your mouth a little with gauze, especially so that the drool does not accumulate, something quite common in the first months of life.

There are brushes for the little ones that will serve this function. he the lollipop is your great allybut over time, the child can develop all kinds of oral diseases. Therefore, many pediatricians advise that it is best to separate as much as possible, as this usually causes a bad habit.

Deciduous teeth

The first baby teeth appear. We know that they will fall, but not for this reason, we should not take care of them and wash them. The child acquires an important routine.

The first years

Then we already have a lot of teeth and the child plays to imitate what parents do. It's time for the child to learn to brush their teeth alone. We buy special brushes, with drawings, with lights and these toothpastes with aromas to facilitate this moment.

When should you brush your teeth? Well, after every meal the same way we do the elderly. Although it is true that they start school and that it is a little more complicated to control what they do at school.

When to go to the dentist

Some children go to the dentist in the first few months. This should be indicated by the pediatrician, because it is necessary for the professional to check how the teeth grow and if everything goes perfectly.

Well to feed

Another factor we can not ignore is food. In addition to the need to grow up healthy, so does the mouth because oral health is always linked to a balanced diet.

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