With about 120 minutes of contact with nature a week, we are already improving our health and well-being. This is stated in a study of the University of Exeter.

With about 120 minutes of contact with the nature a week, we are already improving our health and well-being. This is stated in a study from the University of Exeter, UK. This research analyzed the data of 20,000 people who were able to publicize their activities.

And it was concluded that people who had been in contact with nature about two hours or more a week had greater well-being and healthier than those who had not had this contact with nature. green.

For all kinds of people

With this study, it was possible to verify that these effects have no race, class, age or sex, as they were apparently favorable to all groups of people.

Change our way of life

Research has also revealed that if there are so many benefits, it's easy to change your lifestyle and to be more outdoors. And so integrate the contact with nature in our daily and weekly tasks.

No need to live in green spaces

The study officials also pointed out that it was not necessary to live in the countryside or in green spaces to feed on health and enjoy greater well-being . Since city dwellers can also get the same benefits by going to a nature park for a few days or spending a weekend there.

Hugging trees

One of the most tense practices of recent times is to cross, hike and hug so that we can soak up their energy. In fact, these are activities that companies usually do to disconnect from work, feel better and come back with our renewed batteries to our jobs.

Spiritual retreats

The contact with the natural goes to more. And it is quite common to make trips or spiritual retreats during holidays in remote places, an exclusive activity where all kinds of activities for the body and mind are carried out. They serve not only to disconnect from noise, but also to keep in touch with ourselves, to eat healthy and to learn a way of life that we can integrate day after day without any difficulty.

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