According to a study by the Center for Mental Health in the United Kingdom, mental health problems are increasing among students in higher and university education.

According to a study by the Center for Mental Health in the United Kingdom, addiction problems are increasing. student mental health of higher and university education. More specifically, this increases among young people from 16 to 25 years old.

This group generally suffers from anxiety and is apparently related to stress (65% of students), anxiety, loneliness and feeling of inability to cope with demands (43% of students), depression and addiction. nostalgia (33% of students), in addition to suicidal thoughts (8% of students).

When do these symptoms appear?

In fact, throughout the academic period, as determined by the study, although it specifies that they are higher during the second year of university. Indeed, there were significant changes during the second year (change of residence, of peers, less structured structure of university orientation systems, increased pressure on school results, etc.).

Why do mental health problems occur?

It is true that many people know each other and know each other, but it is true that the lives of these young people have changed a lot. This research shows that university students suffer from anxiety related to future careers, changes in their life in the university and economic pressures that may also impact.

You help students

This is verified because university students seek help in university orientation services; but they do not always end up having the answer that they really ask.


This research also gives some recommendations to students. For example, universities should strengthen the role of the advisor to provide more frequent support. While the two colleges of higher and university they should ask students for their well-being and their help, and focus particularly on students with special needs and disabilities, mental health issues.

In turn, the national health system and clinician commissioner groups must ensure continuity of care for young people who have or need the help of mental health centers throughout their studies.

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