When the problem persists, that is, clinomania affects our personal and professional lives, we need help.

We find many disorders and manias, some of which are related to our sleep patterns. In this case, we talk about the clinomanie or what is the same obsession of being in bed all day.

Of course, the idea is good and good, but every day we do not want to get up so it can become a pleasant mess and must be treated. Do you know what are the symptoms of clinomania?

What are the symptoms of people with clinomania?

Eager to stay in bed, even if we do not want to sleep. Feel the pleasure and well-being when you go to bed (this is something normal that can happen to us all, but when it happens all the time, it's when it becomes a mess), and when you're in bed you do not think you're there.

It's our hobby, and when we have a personal or family commitment, we do not go there because we just want to be in bed. People who develop this disorder also begin to be obsessed with everything that surrounds the bed, be it sheets, pillows, and so on.


Many people who suffer from this problem usually have a psychological disorder. It can be anxiety or depression and it manifests itself by wanting nothing but staying in bed.

When to ask for help from a professional

When the problem is permanent, that is to say that the clinomania has an impact on our personal and professional life (do not go to work, do not close doors, do not receive visitors, do not want to see our brothers and our parents …), we need professionals to deal with this problem.

At this time when the psychologist usually goes to the root of the problem, be as we have specified anxiety or depression. A personal therapy is usually associated with the use of medications if necessary and the professional decides this way. Although the most important thing is to change your lifestyle.

It is clear that you have to get out of bed, do some exercisego for a walk, eat well, socialize, meet friends and gradually leave this well where we do not know, but we are involved. We must leave the bed exclusively for sleeping, resting and other things that form the life of this habit.

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