The peach is a sweet fruit that we usually find especially in summer.

he peach it's a sweet fruit that we usually find especially in summer. You can eat fresh and it is a success to moisturize and spend the summer heat. It is distinguished by its properties and benefits.

Among its properties, it is distinguished by vitamins A, C and E and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. In addition, it contains soluble fiber, large amounts of water, which allows it to be excellent in summer, low in fat and a protein value of 0.7%.

Diuretic food

One of the benefits of fishing is that it is diuretic and that it is good for regulating our high blood pressure, among others.


The vitamins and minerals of this fruit contain antioxidant substances that go well with our body. Thus, fishing protects us from the development of various diseases.

Various types

There is a diversity of fisheries. The best known are vines, usually yellow, and those of water, red on the outside and white on the inside. There are also orange ones, like the Calanda peaches, which are usually bigger.

Improves intestinal transit

Thanks to the amount of fiber it has, it helps to improve our digestion and avoids the development of problems related to the digestive system.

Good for our diet

As it contains fiber and enough water, it is an ideal fruit for those who want to take care of their line and maintain their weight. In addition, remember that they have almost no calories.

It prevents us from anemia

Iron is one of the minerals that fishing has. In this case, it is fine for anemia processes and gives us the energy we need in our body.

Prevents cardiovascular problems

Another benefit is that it protects us from the development of heart problems and also lowers bad cholesterol.

When is the season

As we have indicated, it usually abounds in summer and some varieties can be consumed until November without any problem.

How is it preserved

When the peaches are a little green, it is best to leave them until mature. If they are ripe, leave them in the fridge so as not to spoil them, especially in summer, because they are a fruit of this time.

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