Unlike happiness, people who are happy tend to do so in a short period of time spontaneously.

We have entered a strong state of positivity and well-being. When it comes to joy and love. happiness we have thousands of ideas in our heads that make us feel good, but are they the same concepts? There seem to be differences between joy and happiness.

The main difference lies in the duration and also in the importance. For happiness is something permanent that can last in time, while joy is something short, for a moment. While they say that happiness is also a state that usually does not last long.

Happiness state

As we have pointed out, when we talk about happiness, we equate it with a feeling that can last over time and is linked to a series of objectives and goals that we set for ourselves in life.

So it is not a question of chaining states of joy one after the other, because then we would always be happy and not happy. Many psychologists assimilate this state to that of the the way we approach life and all kinds of circumstances.

Happy people are those who feel good and well in a much more permanent way, and often also many moments of joy and this is what makes you strive for happiness. Unlike joy, happiness gives harmony. A feeling of well-being and peace of mind that lasts over time.

Happy people

Unlike happiness, people who are happy tend to do so in a short and spontaneous period, which sometimes joy can be better than happiness but lasts little. The people who tend to be joyful, on the other hand, and in the similarity with happiness also face life in a special way and with enormous positivism. Maybe in the end, it’s the way to happiness. But this is something that is still under study.

Happy people tend to smile and smile, and they also have an attitude in life to overcome all kinds of difficulties. In any case, these are two states that give us magic and positivism in general.

Tips & Advice

  • To be something more joyful, we must face life in a different way and always see the positive side.
  • Happiness is a non-transient state that also needs a greater degree of positive things in our lives.

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