We all have a lot of work to do. Meetings need to be agreed several days in advance to prepare for them and can not happen unexpectedly.

The phone, the social networks, the mail … sometimes necessary while we work, but many others are not. And the morning ends and gives us the feeling that we have not been fully productive.

This is due to interruptions of workthese evils that we must overcome, otherwise they will devour us during the day and they will not let us advance in our tasks. Consequence: homework accumulation, stress and lack of mental health.

No to improvised meetings for the moment

We all have a lot of work to do. Meetings need to be arranged several days in advance to prepare for them and can not happen unexpectedly because we already have an agenda to keep. If you propose one, we will postpone it for another time.

Phone not always

Yes, if it's really important, but if these are things that are irrelevant and can be resolved at another time, it's best to put them aside and ask kindly to be called another day to discuss this issue over the phone. There are people who do not pick up the phone directly, it's also another option to deal with this issue at the last minute of the day.

Prioritize what is really important

We will make a list of things that are important. And what gives us more interruptions to not move forward, we will leave them aside. We need to focus on these priorities and once we are done, interruptions can be tracked and evaluated.

Emails and social networks when?

It's sometimes hard to ignore e-mails, WhatsApp or social networks as they are also part of our job and we may miss something important. But it is true that it is one of the most important sources of interruption.

We will put a few hours to watch the mail and answer And we can also put the alarm option where it allows us to see the messages that come in without having to go check the mail every ten minutes. In this way, we will see if it is important to answer or consult the time in the late morning or in the afternoon.

Likewise comes with social networks. If we do not really use them in our work day, the we will leave for lunch or afternoon. Complete the tasks and you will check your Instagram later.

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