The biceps and triceps are the main muscles of the forearm. The biceps is a superficial muscle that has a total of two heads, so it's also called the branchial biceps.

Its function is very important: allow flexion and pronation of the forearm. It consists of three zones and offers a wide range of exercises that can be practiced at home. strengthen the biceps.

Pumps on the floor

It is one of the most practiced bodybuilding exercises. To carry it out, you must lie down on the floor, hands and toes pressed. The exercise involves bending your arms so that the body goes up and down until you almost touch the ground. The most important thing is to keep the body parallel to the ground to do it properly.

Biceps Curl

To perform this exercise, you must use an elastic cord. The exercise involves walking on it, applying force while holding both ends of the hand. When bending your elbows, pull the rope and hold for 20 minutes.

Biceps curl with bar

We must have a bar. The bar is held with separated hands, shoulder width. They raise their arms forward, raising their forearms until they touch their shoulders. The position is maintained for a few seconds and the initial position is recovered.

Extensions above the head

The dumbbells are the equipment needed to perform this exercise. Each dumbbell is taken with one hand and the arms are open crosswise. The movement should be done by bending the arms to form an L shape. Afterwards, they rise above the head until the dumbbells meet. The position is maintained for a few seconds and the initial position is recovered.

Diamond pulls

They look a lot like normal pumps, but instead of supporting the arms on both sides of the body, you have to rest your hands in front of the chest. And also make a total of 20 pumps daily.

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