We all need to learn to say no and put work obligations aside when we are not in the office. Disconnecting will bring us mental well-being.

Mobile, laptop, networks or emails. Technology brings us many positive things, but also others like being connected all day long and not knowing how to deal with work problems if we are on holiday.

We must all learn to say no and put aside the obligations of the function when you’re not at the office. Disconnecting will bring us mental well-being. We explain the advantages of disconnecting from work.

Mood improvement

According to a study from the University of Massachusetts at Boston, USA, rest during this period is good for mental health, as it provides a different mood and allows you to break out of routine.

“Connect with your family and friends

Work takes up a lot of our time, which deprives us of being with our loved ones. Disconnecting during the summer allows us to connect much more closely with our family and friends and devote whole days of laughter and adventure to them.

Out of stress

It also has a number of advantages for our minds, as we earn a living and eliminate the stress of our lives. In fact, in summer, you feel better, headaches, tensions, stress and anxiety disappear. Enjoy it!

Improve the quality of our sleep

During the weeks we work, we generally sleep less than the recommended hours (8 hours a day). Summer is the perfect time to get more sleep, rest, take a nap, get up later and do many things that we don’t usually do on a daily basis.

Positive thoughts

On vacation, we have positive thoughts. We go to the beach, the mountains, the pool and our thoughts become positive. If you disconnect from work, you also move away from what is more negative. This is the time to think about what we don’t like or do well with our work to come back with the batteries charged and in a positive way.

Allows you to become more productive

Rest is part of the job. That is, it is mandatory to move forward, otherwise we become so saturated that we cease to be productive. Holidays and disconnection help us to be more productive later.

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