Currently, many families eat at different times each. It is important to instill a series of habits and routines.

Currently, many families eat at different times each. It is important to instill a series of habits and routines so that this action can be done together because it offers a series of benefits.

This not only promotes understanding between family membersbut it helps to educate others, to eat everything and at the same time bring a diversity of nutritional benefits for all. We tell you what they are.

Children eat everything

Or at least try. If the family eats together and together, the child gets used to seeing what others are eating and each food is familiar to him and he is more inclined to try new things.

We encourage communication

Also during the week we must be united. Although everyone arrives at this time, it is important to always set a time to meet, have dinner, talk, ask, educate. Families who do this have more conversations and communications, which is very important so that nothing stays in the inkwell and relationships improve.

Reduction of possible problems related to food

If children, and especially teens, eat alone, they end up doing a little what they want and we do not have much control over them. This ends up causing potential feeding problems, sometimes difficult to detect. In community, we can observe how our children eat and detect possible problems or problems to be solved.

Save time and money

If the whole family eats the same thing, we save more expensive preparations. With this, we save money and time, since it is usually done at home and everyone eats the same thing at the same time.

Everyone collaborates

When you dine with your family, everyone contributes, in one way or another, to preparing meals, setting the table and getting ready. Everything is done faster and the children also learn to cook, which bothers them and allows them to devote themselves to the household chores that always concern everyone.


Create a weekly schedule. Good organization is essential, so we will create a meal schedule so we do not repeat.

Effort among all. It is enough that one day we skip this family dinner so that the established schedules are already broken. An effort between all is important.

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