Eyeglasses have advantages over contact lenses, but this second option is currently becoming more important.

When it comes to eye care, we always consider what to do, whether to wear glasses or opt for contact lenses. Although the ophthalmologist tells us what is best for our eyes, it is something that we will also have to decide when we take it up.

There are some Advantages of glasses on contact lensesbut currently this second option is more and more important for those who want to show their eyes. We give you some tips for you to choose well.

Easier to wear glasses

It depends on each one of them, but it is usually an easy accessory to carry and very comfortable. With contact lenses, some people feel uncomfortable at the beginning of their use but then adapt perfectly to the patient's eye.

Allergy and other contact lenses

Although more and more of them are made with more sophisticated materials and better quality, some people suffer from allergies and problems when they wear contact lenses. It is then advisable to ask the professional what happens, whether the contact lenses need to be changed or if they simply can not be worn.

Clear lateral vision with contact lenses

Even if everyone is not doing well, one of the advantages of contact lenses is that they offer an unobstructed side view and are not interrupted by the cellar, as is the case with some glasses.

The fog glasses

Although lenses require special care, glasses too, although less. We must emphasize that the glasses are fogged and can be a little annoying at times and that it does not happen with contact lenses.

Contact lenses must be removed and put on

One of the disadvantages of contact lenses is that they can not be worn long and are removed, for example, to sleep or swim. It is important to buy contact lenses with good permeability to oxygen.

Less maintenance with glasses

We have already reported that the glasses are very comfortable because the lenses require a lot of maintenance to avoid getting dirty and containing bacteria. This could lead to possible infections to avoid. As we have seen, the glasses simply need a simple and easy cleaning of the glasses.

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