There are certain foods that we should avoid if in this case we have a high rate of uric acid. You know them?

he uric acid It is the end product of catabolism purines (nitrogenous bases present in some proteins), both produced from endogenous sources and provided by the diet, which passes in the blood and which is eliminated by the kidneys, according to the Federation. Spanish Nutrition

They explain that in cases where large amounts of uric acid or too little are removed, high levels of uric acid will be found in the blood. There are certain foods that we should avoid if in this case we have a high rate of uric acid.


These are foods that usually need to be avoided to take care of our food and our health, but especially when we have this problem.

Sweet drinks and alcohol

Alcoholic beverages, coffees and sweet sodas are better. So, if you have high uric acid levels, it is best to drink water and set aside caffeine and caffeine. They advise the Federation of Nutrition to consume a large amount of water (at least three liters per day) and, if possible, bicarbonated drinks because they increase the solubility of uric acid.

Certain meats and viscera

It is also not advisable to take certain meats, such as pork and lamb, in the same way as to take viscera such as kidneys and liver.

Diet rich in dairy products

The Spanish Federation of Nutrition recommends a diet rich in dairy products (for calcium), cereals, vegetables and vegetables (low in purines).

Reduce vegetables with high purine content

Although it is always recommended to add vegetables to the general diet, when uric acid is not good, it is best to reduce some types of vegetables, such as asparagus, mushrooms, spinach, peas, chard, cauliflower, leeks, truffles or mushrooms.

Sauces and other processed foods

It is also not good to abuse processed sauces, especially mayonnaise or ketchup, as they can not reduce the high level of uric acid in the blood.

In any case it is necessary control this problem from the hands of the doctor, because one of the direct causes of its increase is precisely the type of diet that we can take, especially if it has an excess of red meat, fish, seafood and fructose.

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