It is undeniable that the sexual promotes our health, body and mind for a variety of reasons. Several studies indicate that our mind releases all kinds of endorphins and offers us a unique state of well-being and relaxation.

But that’s not all, because it also allows us to reduce calories and puts us in a very good mood. Oh! And it helps us sleep better. Let’s see how sex contributes to improving our health.

Improve the immune system

A study published in the Sage Journal found that sex can help improve colds or allergies, and the immune system in general. The study found that patients who had frequent sexual intercourse had higher levels of immunoglobulin A in saliva than those who had infrequent sexual intercourse.

He rejuvenates us.

The study by Dr. David Weeks, clinical psychologist at Royal Edinburgh Hospital, showed that people who have an active sex life appear 5 to 7 years younger. Although its author has established that the important thing in sex is not quantity but quality.

We play sports

Everyone knows that with sex, we move countless body parts, which is a fantastic exercise. In fact, 30 minutes of sexual action can burn up to 100 calories. And if we move and do postures, we also work on certain muscles of the body. Well, it’s a good substitute for the gym, although it’s important to remember that it’s important to exercise regularly during the week.

Smoother and softer skin

Although all this has not yet been accurately demonstrated, a study has also revealed that sex allows us to renew the skin, because people who have researched sex have kept the skin more nourished and are much healthier and younger.

Out of stress

A study at the University of Scotland also found that sex reduces and avoids stress. And it leaves us with that sense of well-being that connects us to happiness.

Tips & Advice

  • It is better not to leave sex aside, because the flame of passion can go out.
  • As we can see, it offers health, both physical and mental.
  • It also reduces headaches and migraines.

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