Although less known and popular, black salt, of volcanic origin, comes from India and is used in various countries.

Although less known and popular, the black salt, of volcanic origin, comes from India and is used in various countries. It offers a variety of benefits to our body and we must take this into account when using and replacing it if necessary.

It is formed of several minerals and does not emit any odor. It may be difficult to find, but in many stores it is already in high demand. Find out what you did not know about black salt and consider introducing it into your diet.

Some features

It is named after the pink gray color that represents it. Not to be confused with the pink salt of the Himalayas. Black salt is composed of sodium or potassium chloride, iron, various sulfur compounds and traces of other minerals.

Who benefits?

It really has beneficial properties for all types of people, although it is generally recommended to those with sodium problems because conventional salt poses various problems and that it is not good to abuse it. In this case, black salt is a good find for those who must reduce their sodium content and also in general for those who want to take care of themselves.

What benefits does it offer?

Conventional salt substitute. As we say, it is an alternative to salt that we all know because it is much healthier.

Natural laxative. One of the other benefits is that it acts as a natural laxative and then helps to improve intestinal transit.

Good for the skin. Black salt not only offers benefits when we take it, but it is also useful for treating certain skin problems. As for the hair, they are also applied to stimulate their growth.

Uses in the kitchen

Black salt is an ingredient that enhances and gives flavor to many dishes. As we have seen, it has beneficial effects on health, but it is also versatile in salads, pasta, toast, meat and fish … It is important to note that even if it is better than the conventional product, we should not abuse black salt.


Before knowing and replacing one food with another, it is important to ask the nutritionist.

If we have problems with sodium, hypertension or cholesterol, it is the doctor who decides what foods should be taken. We can talk about black salt, but only if the professional can recommend it to us.

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