During the summer, you want to eat fresh food. And nothing better than a good fruit to quench our thirst.

During the summer, you want to eat fresh food. And there’s nothing better than a good one. fruit to quench our thirst, and besides, to hydrate properly. If water is the best remedy against heat waves, fruit is also the best.

So we find fruits with more water that usually provide enough water to combine with water and other foods. Let us look at some of them.


It provides 92% of the water, being if not the most, one of those containing the highest proportion of water to remain hydrated. It’s the summer star, with the melon. We can take it at any time of the day and if it is fresh, it is much better. It contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium, among others.

Beginning of the mist

This fruit, in addition to being very good, eliminates many toxins because 90% of its composition is composed of water. This helps to reduce fat and keep our weight at a distance, while improving protein digestion, maintaining metabolism and promoting fat burning. Increase the amount of papaya in your diet.

Lemon Lemon

It is a common thing to make lemonade in the summer. It’s so easy that we can do it ourselves at home. Lemon has various properties, such as vitamin C, to improve our digestion, and ends up being the ideal remedy when we have eaten too much, in addition to reducing our weight. I mean, it helps us lose weight.


It is another fruit that contains more water, specifically 92%. Although they become rare at this time of year, they are good because they provide calcium and fibre, two elements that are also essential for bone growth and regulating our digestion.


It contains 90% water, and together with watermelon, are the star fruits of every summer. It’s a chance because the whole family loves him too. It is a versatile fruit, quite sweet, from which we can make cold soups, creams, put them in salads, with ham as a side dish, in small pieces on a hot afternoon…

Tips & Advice

  • It is better to have variety rather than quantity when it comes to choosing the best fruit.
  • Take advantage of summer to quench your thirst in this way and choose the fruits you prefer.

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