We talk about relaxing colors or anti-stress. The psychology of color means that we can find ourselves better or worse. Learn more about it.

After a busy day, what we love most is come home and relax. But our mental health also depends on many factors and factors, including those we can find at home, such as the color of walls, furniture or appliances that we usually have.

On this basis, we can find ourselves better. We are talking about the relaxing colors or anti-stress. The psychology of color can help us relax and feel more creative and energetic.

White colors, total relaxation

Many people equate the white color with the well – being, that 's why a lot of furniture and walls are white, that' s also because it 's a color that goes well with d & # 39; other colors. But it can also seem boring and minimalist, so we'll combine them with other light colors so that we can feel the peace we want.


It also provides relaxation that requires more and more people to paint the walls of rooms and offices. Of course, it's always better than a very dark blue. The light blue color is, in this case, the best for us to sleep peacefully and much more relaxed.

Green and nature

In recent times, sustainability is imposed and plants enter the house because they provide us with emotional stability and joy. Thus, the green comes directly from natural way, although we can also paint walls of this color in living rooms and bedrooms.

Pink fashion

There is a fashion in the colors, according to the Pantone Institute which is the one that colors the year, that many people continue to be fashionable. This year, it's coral, a crisper rose that can relax us, but it also changes the atmosphere if we abuse it. In any case, it depends on the personality of each.


It's another color that does not go out of style. It symbolizes royalty and luxury, stimulates creativity, but the best is that it promotes sleep and that is why many parents have chosen for their children's rooms. Fleeing the traditional pink or blue, a reality since the baby is born to sleep better.

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