Everyone knows that too much sugar is not only bad for the teeth, but also for our health in general.

Well, apparently yes. In the same way that there are foods that are not favorable for our body, there are also foods that are harmful to oral health and weaken our teeth.

The consequences are nothing more than the development of caries and other diseases that can lead to more serious illnesses if we do not act beforehand and do not apply the treatments indicated by the dentist after an exploration. Let's see what food can damage teeth.


Everyone knows that too much sugar is not only bad for the teeth, but also for our health in general. We will avoid as much as possible to consume sweeter foods.

Acidic and citrus foods

They can also be bad for the teeth these acidic foods and citrus fruits, mainly. What foods are they? These are usually those that carry a large amount of vitamin C, such as oranges and lemons. In this case, it is good food for the body and for our health, but not so much for the mouth. Because? The reason is that the acidic pH can cause erosion of tooth enamel.

Red wine

The majority of red wine contains antioxidants that are good for regulating the body, as well as stopping the passage of time and leaving skin glowing. Now, if we abuse, it is bad for the health, but also for the teeth, because the wine usually stains with time.

In this case, it is recommended to brush your teeth well and also to apply dental treatments, such as teeth whitening, to cover the stains caused by the wine.


It's the same case as red wine. As the coffee also stains teeth and spoils causing stains. It's also harmful because the coffees are usually acidic and that's not good because it weakens the teeth. A recommendation is to drink water after drinking coffee immediately as this reduces the PH.

Sugary soft drinks

We have already seen that sugar is not good for the teeth either. As a result, beverages containing large amounts of sugar disguised as flavorings are not.

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