Each hair is different, so some smooth hair does not curl and others do it. We offer anti-frizz remedies.

A neat hair is one that stays shiny and silky. And also the one who is in better health. There are anti-frizz remedies to make it look better and healthier.

Each the hair It is different, so that some straight hair does not curl and others, while curly hair tend to occur in these situations when there is moisture. Whatever the case, we offer remedies for hair to be less frizzy.

Apple vinegar

Vinegar is a cure for many things. If we talk about hair, apple cider vinegar softens the hair and is easy to apply. It can be applied on the comb to make it pass directly, then use the usual shampoo and conditioner. You will also see the brightest hair.

Maximum hydration

Moisturizing hair is the key to reducing frizz. We have many products that go well for this, especially conditioners and masks that leave hair silky and smooth. For this, it is to avoid moisture, because it is what really causes this somewhat strange effect on the scalp.

Argan oil

Nutrition and life is what argan oil brings into the hair. And therefore, it is a good remedy for the problem we usually have. This oil gives us vitamins and minerals, and provides the strength to have healthier hair.

Avocado and Banana

These are two ingredients that also provide us with nutrients. On the one hand we have banana that provides potassium and also an antioxidant, and the avocado has favorable fatty acids for its nutrition.

Olive oil

It is particularly beneficial when the hair is very dry and we can apply it on the tips to give them vitality.

Aloe Vera

It is a remedy for skin, nails and scalp. There are already shampoos and hair remedies containing this ingredient, but we can also make our homemade masks and apply aloe vera when we wash our hair.

Use natural hair combs

Some combs are to blame for frizz. To avoid this, we will use combs with natural bristles and especially with separate teeth. With this you can look much better hair and no tendency to frizz effect.

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