We tell you how to eat better depending on various diseases and conditions.

Having good health is totally related to what we eat. Several studies show that a poor diet directly affects coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes and others.

If you have a medical problem or illness, you should refer to specialists who will tell you which treatment to follow and what to eat, if necessary. We tell you how to eat better according to various diseases and conditions.

Foods high in fiber before gastrointestinal problems

It's no secret that these high-fiber foods, found in many foods such as nuts, cereals and some fruits, help regulate the bowel and help fight gastrointestinal problems that can be multiple and varied.

Low fat dairy products for osteoporosis

In order to prevent bone-related diseases, such as osteoporosis, it is good to take a variety of dairy products such as yogurts and milk, especially those low in fat. This should be supplemented by foods rich in calcium and vitamin D.

Omega 3 to control bad cholesterol

Blue fish contain a significant amount of omega-3, which benefits our cholesterol because it reduces the so-called bad cholesterol in the blood. It contains saturated fats and provides the omega-3 acids necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

Ginger prevents and relieves nausea and viruses

We need various foods and medicines to kill some viruses. But you should know that ginger has always been used to fight against certain viruses. And with that, it relieves the nausea caused by stomachaches and also those caused by pregnancy.

Fruits and vegetables against obesity

The problem of obesity in the world is really important. To fight it, you have to eat well, with a varied diet. Some foods, such as fruits or vegetables, raw or cooked, are conducive to learning a better diet.

Citrus and vitamin C for diabetes

People with diabetes should take extreme care of their diet. They can, for example, increase the consumption of fruits rich in vitamin C, that is to say many citrus fruits such as orange, lemon or grapefruit, which also provide minerals and vitamins . With all this, we also regulate diabetes.

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