Well, it comes from old, since it is mainly the Etruscans and Greeks who developed canned oil.

The food has always been preserved in various condiments such as oil. That is, it is not something now but that for centuries foods have been preserved in the form of desiccation, smoke or in salty foods.

When was the oil used to store food? Well, it comes from old, since it is mainly the Etruscans and Greeks who initiated the canned in oil. At the beginning of the 19th century, cans were already given to the military of the army.

Keep the food

One of the main benefits of canning with oil is obviously to keep food longer. Then we can better take advantage of the properties of foods because they do not change in nature, nor proteins or lipids.

Dishes of different seasons

This system means we can take food out of season. Therefore, we can eat a lot of preserves. An advantage to eat what you want and to prepare rich recipes.

Food isolation

With canned foods in the oil, foods that prevent them from coming in contact with microorganisms and other bacteria that may occur are isolated.

This is a convenient and comfortable system

Canned foods are presented in a very comfortable format that allows us to carry them everywhere and the food will be just as well preserved. It opens and is ready, there are no major complications.

Simple operation

Canned foods in oil are those that only carry oil for preservation. The food is immersed beforehand cooked and chopped. They can be manufactured and found in two ways, on the one hand, in already known boxes, and on the other hand, they can be vacuum packed in glass containers.

They group a large number of products

He is happy that with canned foods, mainly cans, many products can be canned from seafood, fish, meat or vegetables.

Affordable prices

These canned foods, even the most gourmet ones that carry slightly different and much more worked products, are sold at very low prices for most products.

A tradition more and more widespread

More and more cans are sold in oil for the variety of products and also for the price. They are therefore quite common although they do not generally constitute the main food of a family.

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