These are tropical fruits, which bring exotic flavours, with that point of acidity and bitterness that characterizes them so much.

In recent years, we have been getting to know new fruits to incorporate into our diet. In this case, it is the case of tropical fruitswhich bring exotic flavours, with that touch of acidity and bitterness that characterizes them so much.

Its properties include fiber, vitamins and minerals, low-calorie, water, are antioxidants and everyone can have different nutrients, depending on the type of exotic fruit.


It is also called Chinese dwarf orange, and is found in many Asian countries, as well as in South America, Australia and Spain, among others. The skin is soft and acidic, and is characterized above all by its high energy value.

Passion fruit

Where does this tropical fruit come from? Especially in South America, in some parts of Central America and others in Africa. It is a fruit known to all, which is distinguished by its sweet and intense flavor. It is usually used as a base for sauces, cakes and in the brewing of certain beers. It provides vitamins A and C of the B complex and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.


This fruit is well known and is distinguished by its thick outer bark whose composition varies as it matures. Its caloric value is the highest of all fruits. Although it provides a low amount of carbohydrates, its fibre intake is distinguished, which improves intestinal transit, improves immunity and has a slight laxative effect.


They are increasingly found in fruit shops, restaurants and other establishments. Among its particularities, it should be mentioned that it contains vitamins C, A, B, and its pulp is considered acidic and lowers LDL levels.


Mango is very rich and has many health benefits: it reduces weight, prevents and strengthens heart health, strengthens bones, cures anemia and is good for the liver.

Beginning of the mist

It is one of the most important and consumed fruits. It contains vitamins B1, B2 and niacin or B3, vitamins A and C, is rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, iron, iron, sulphur, silicon, sodium and potassium, and its fibre content improves digestion. In addition, it is also distinguished by its astringent properties.

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