Paintball is a dynamic and fun activity that can be practiced in groups.

During the summer we do more outdoor activities. Among the various sports, the paintball It's a dynamic and fun activity that can be done in a group. There are different types, amateur or professional.

But although it seems easy, in the centers where it is usually practiced, you have to follow a series of specific rules that each player must respect. The key is to write them down and not to ignore them so that the whole group can have a good time. Do you dare with this sport in the summer? We give you 5 facts that you should keep in mind to practice paintball.

What is?

This activity or game usually takes place with two teams and consists of shooting small balls full of paint through guns or elements really harmless, because of the compressed air.

Where is it practiced?

In specialized centers, they usually give us the necessary equipment and define the rules to follow during each match.

What benefits does it offer?

Paintball is a dynamic activity that allows us to move because we have to run behind and in front of people to shoot others. It is a sport that encourages team play and also serves to develop mental activity. It also improves curiosity and coordination. It frees us from stress, so it is practiced by many companies and also allows this contact with nature that we all need to improve.

Which material to use?

Some people who practice paintball in a professional manner already have this equipment, but otherwise, the center in which we will play must provide it to us. Normally, there are usually masks, the compressed air marker with which one fires, a coverall or a camouflage material, protective gloves and glasses, among others.

Always with experienced and qualified staff

Professional paintball centers always have the technical staff necessary for the smooth running of the activity. The instructors must then be qualified, many of them for the practice of this sport or for others related to the adventure.

Rules and regulations always to follow

In paintball, the rules and regulations must be respected in order to respect the safety parameters. This includes basic problems such as not shooting an opponent within 5 yards, among others.

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