You have surely noticed that your children refuse many foods without having first tried them.

Most children have difficulty eating everything. For many parents, it's a daily odyssey. Although they do not really need to eat everything, it is necessary that they know the food and have a diet as varied as possible.

Before special cases, it is always better to ask the nutritionist and the pediatrician, especially to check if the child is fed properly. There are also some tips for your kids to eat everythingbut each child is a world, there is no fixed and exact rule.

Give the example to our children

Children are like a sponge that repeats patterns of what they see and hear. If, from an early age, we adopt a varied diet, it will be easier for them to adopt it. In the same way, if they see us at home eating everything, they will also be interested in the foods we eat.

A good presentation of the dish, the key

You have surely noticed that your children refuse many foods without having first tried them. They eat with the eyes like all of us. To avoid repetition, just work on more presentations and recipes. If there is a lot of food, we will not help you to think that you should eat everything, so that is also the way of cooking certain foods. We create fun dishes, with lots of colors and in the form of trees or animals.

Every child at his own pace

We can not force the child to eat more or less, or at a greater or lesser rate. Every child is a world and, as such, will eat in one way or another, but that does not take away new flavors. We will respect your pace, but always if we pass.

A story to tell

Every food and every recipe has a story and a curiosity to tell. If your child has difficulty eating, we can tell a story to make the food more enjoyable and fun. If it is small, it may turn out to be eating, but if it is older, you must understand what we explain and eat it knowingly.

Bring him to the kitchen

To grow up knowing the taste of food, the child can help us cook, touch food, see how they are prepared and want to eat them.

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