Listening to music brings us many benefits, especially in the brain. More precisely, the brain produces dopamine.

Music relaxes us. Listen to the following music gives us various advantages, especially in the brain. More precisely, the brain produces dopamine, which is associated with pleasure in every sense of the word and we acquire that state of well-being and fullness that we love so much.

And not only does it give us pleasure when we hear it, but before we hear it, because the brain knows and is preparing to do something really positive. Discover some of the benefits of listening to music.

We are in a better mood.

It is clear and confirmed by many studies, music gives us energy, lifts our spirits and gives us the positivism we need every day. Some research has concluded that many psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatments do not work and that other solutions, such as listening to music, are being sought.

Learning with background music

Although many people are distracted, other research concludes that background music is the best way to learn, because it can change the brain. In addition, school-aged children who participated in a music education program had better verbal intelligence than those who did not have to learn without music.

Absolute relaxation

As if it were a day of exhaustion, when we listen to melodies, not only do we have energy, but we also relax, either with classical, calmer and calmer, or with something else more powerful.

Music therapy

In fact, some people start this kind of therapy on the advice of their psychologist. The term, according to the World Federation of Music Therapy, refers to the use of music and/or its elements (sound, rhythm, melody, harmony) by a qualified music therapist with a patient or group, in a process created to facilitate, promote communication, relationships, learning, movement, expression, organization and other relevant therapeutic objectives, and thus meet physical, emotional, mental, social and cognitive needs.

Tips & Advice

  • If we have a small problem, it’s time to position ourselves with music, because it will give us the positivism we’re looking for.
  • It is always better to listen to the one who makes us hatch all kinds of feelings, a good memory, the one we danced when we were younger…
  • Every day, a little melody helps us feel better.

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