There are more and more oriental massages in beauty centers, spas and hotels to get all kinds of benefits.

The stress and anxiety of urban life generate all kinds of mental and physical problems. To remedy this, nothing better than a good massage. The oriental massages They meet all kinds of requirements to get the well-being we need.

There are more and more oriental massages in beauty centers, spas and hotels to get all kinds of benefits. We know some of the most important ones.

Balinese massage

Directly from Bali, there are ancient therapeutic and technical massages. In this case, the Balinese massage mixes Asian techniques and those who practice it have followed many specific courses to practice it properly.

This massage consists of a series of hand and finger movements by pressure, friction and acupressure. It can be done generally on the whole body to relax the trunk, legs, back, arms, etc. This brings not only unprecedented well-being, but also energy, positivism and improved traffic problems that we may encounter.

Bamboo therapy

This type of oriental massage is done with the help of bamboo stems. This is important because it is a very important and crucial material in Eastern countries. The stems are applied to the body by performing gentle movements by pressing the skin. This is a technique that also requires the knowledge to avoid mistakes. Like many other massages with these features, the most important is to reduce anxiety and relieve daily tension. But there is more, because its benefits also include the decrease in body fat.

Hawaiian massage

As its name indicates, it has its origin in Hawaii and pressures are usually exerted on certain areas of the body, including elbows and hands. The mind is released, the body is unlocked and you really feel better. This massage seeks to relax the whole body, stimulates circulation and detoxifies the body, improves something as important as respiratory capacity and is good for improving lymphatic drainage.

Shiatsu massage

Mix various traditional techniques, but unlike other therapies, only the palm of the hand and the thumb are used. It is usually performed on the skull, neck and back to relax this area. It offers the same benefits as the previous massages seen.

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