Why fresh juice?

Why fresh juice? If you've heard of juice but haven't started yet, I want to encourage you to start. Juicing is fantastic because you can drink your fruit and vegetables in liquid form.

It is simply the easiest way to squeeze nutrition into your diet. A nutritious diet often leads to a healthier, happier body from within.

Here are 6 reasons why fresh juice is a smart habit.

1. It is the easiest way to get nutrition
Your diet.
Drinking your vegetables is much easier than eating them. For example, you could eat a pound of carrots
or you can drink them in a small glass. And if you hate greens, it's great
way to include them in your diet without eating them. Imagine how tired your jaws would be like you
ate two or three pounds of raw carrots every day! Drink a few glasses
freshly prepared carrot juice every day gives you the same health
benefits, but physically much easier for you. Juicing is much less tiring and
much more efficient than eating large quantities of raw vegetables every day.

2. Juicing helps your body to absorb and metabolize everything
the beneficial nutrients in fresh produce.
If you make juice, the juice extractor breaks down the cells of the product,
separating the fibrous pulp. Liquids enter our bloodstream and our body
systems immediately because it does not have to export energy to digest it
fiber. Our body absorbs and assimilates vitamins from food sources very easily. Fresh
juice nourishes our body with life-giving, vitamin-rich and easy to digest

3. Freshly prepared
juice has more nutrients and vitamins than the store bought in bottles
Commercial drinks are pasteurized, and that means it is
heated. When juice is heated, it usually kills all nutritional value,
including delicate enzymes. You also do not know what is in those bottles
drinks. You may be surprised to find
that sugar, dyes and chemicals are lurking.

4. Food sources
of vitamins are superior to supplements and powders.
If you take supplements, that's great,
but it's not as good as the real thing. Juicing is fresh, raw and live
nutrition. It is a fact that most people do not eat the recommended amount
fruit and vegetables every day. And you may be surprised to know that studies
show that many people have no nutrients.
Juicing fills that gap and makes it possible for people who do not eat enough
raw products to get much needed food without added supplements. Our bodies
were made to get pure raw food that contains this naturally occurring
vitamins (many of which have not even been discovered).

5. Juicing can help us look good and feel good. When
your body gets the nutrients it needs, miraculous things happen. Our
organs absorb the food and cleans to heal, restore and nourish
cellular level. Your skin starts to
glowing, you get more energy, you can lose weight or say goodbye to part of you
health issues. Not a day goes by
I don't hear success stories from people who look better and feel better than they do
before they started a juice regime.

6. Juicing facilitates a more varied,
interesting, balanced diet.
Many of us only eat a few
different types of fruit and vegetables. For example, many people do not branch
way beyond peas, green beans, lettuce and carrots to vegetables
are concerned. They just don't like to eat others. Juicing lets you enjoy
a wide variety of vegetables, although you don't like to eat them
whole vegetables. Juicing many different vegetables keeps you from becoming one
bored with the same old foods, and it gives you a more comprehensive, balanced
mix of essential nutrients too.

If you want to start
pick up a juicer and some fresh products.
It's easier than you think.

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