The best apples for making juice

Apple juice is delicious. It is sweet and has a sharp taste, making it the perfect combination of tasty and refreshing.

It's even better if you've made it yourself!

Fresh apple juice is great in itself and when you combine it with other fruits and vegetables to make your favorite juice recipes or smoothies. A big part of making the best possible apple juice, however, is using the right kind of apples.

But what are the best apples to squeeze? Fortunately I have the answer!

In my opinion, gala apples are the gold standard for making apple juice. They produce sweet juice, they are affordable and are available almost all year round.

However, if you enjoy a more sharp taste, Granny Smith apples are the right choice. However, every apple that you have at home works, so don't worry.

If you are lucky enough to have an apple tree in your back yard, get them picked and in your juicer – they taste great.

I'm going to share some information with you about the different types of apples that you can choose from when you make apple juice yourself and which one is the perfect choice for you!

Are green or red apples better for making juice?

This is probably the most important difference that you already know when it comes to apples – some are red and some are green.

But what is the difference between them apart from the color?

Red and green apples actually offer various health benefits. Green apples have a lower sugar content than red ones, but red apples usually contain more antioxidants.

The differences between the nutritional value are quite minimal. If health is your focus, the color of the apple you choose will not really make a difference. Both apple varieties contain a lot of vitamin C, fibers and flavanoids.

However, if you focus on taste, this varies considerably between red and green apple types. Red apples are sweet apples, while a green apple is a sharp apple. It really comes down to personal preference when it comes to taste. I have a sweet tooth, so red apples are my favorite. I have friends who only give Granny Smiths juice because they are actively trying to avoid sweet things – so it's up to you!

In short: choose red apples for a sweet taste; green apples for sharpness; and both for a healthy choice.

The 3 best apples for making juice

This is a brief overview of the 3 best apples for making juice. I don't want to make things too complicated by going through all 10 different apple varieties! So this is what you need to know.

1. Gala apples

Festive Apple On Tree

Gala apples are an easy top choice. They are sweet, they are tasty and they are cheap. Plus, they're super ordinary apples, so you can buy them virtually anywhere in the United States for a great price.

They are of a good size and produce an excellent amount of juice – the perfect choice for red apple. They are not popular apples for nothing!

2. Granny Smith apples

Granny Smith apples in a pile

If you are not looking for red apples and a sweet taste, choose a Granny Smith apple. It has a sharp taste and works perfectly in green juice recipes.

They are also very juicy and usually larger than apples, so you don't have to buy too many to get a high juice yield.

These are also normal apples and are affordable – another excellent choice that offers a completely different taste.

3. Delicious red apples

Delicious red apple ready to be picked

Although this is the most common type of apple in America, it is actually no longer the most popular.

These are a bit different than the Golden Delicious apples. They range from a bright red skin to a true deep red and have a mildly sweet taste that works very well in fresh juice.

Because this is the most common type of apple, they are very easy to control.

4. Which is handy!

Apples are a great ingredient for making fresh juice, regardless of the type you choose!

If you come across a certain variety of apple that is for sale or on sale, stock up – I'm sure they work well. Likewise, if you have an apple tree in the back yard, use them!

There are so many different varieties and so many combinations of apple varieties that have been made, it can be overwhelming. The apples from Golden Delicious and Orange Red Kidd are combined to make a whole new type of apple, for example. When you have as much choice as this one, it can be difficult to navigate.

Apples are not an expensive ingredient, so it is possible to try out a few different varieties to find out what you like. Maybe a Pink Lady is something for you? Or maybe you are a Golden Delicious kind of person? What if Fuji apples fit you perfectly? You can solve that without it costing you a fortune.

If you want to know more about making your own apple juice, view my guide here.

Can you press apple seeds?

That's possible, but I don't do it and here's why.

When you break down apple seeds, they produce a chemical called amygdalin. When this reaches all the chemical reactions in your stomach, it can be converted to cyanide.

Small amounts of cyanide can be detoxified by your body, so don't panic – you should eat a lot of apple seeds before you experience problems. However, I simply avoid them altogether.

The seeds and stems of apples can make your juice taste quite bitter, which I don't like.

You can get an Apple Corer cheaply on Amazon and it takes just a few seconds to remove the core of an apple.

Tips for buying apples for making juice

1. Make sure they are sturdy

Go for apples that are as fresh as possible. The best way to check if your apples are fresh is to squeeze them. They must feel firm when you do this. If your apple feels soft, it does not last much longer and does not produce any tasty juice. When it comes to juice, try using apples that would make a grinding noise if you bite into it.

2. Avoid visual defects

Do not buy or use apples with grooves or brown spots on their skins. If your nose wrinkles when you see an apple, don't juice it!

Most supermarkets will ensure that the apples they display look attractive, otherwise they would not be able to sell! Make sure you check it before you buy.

3. Search for great colors

Your apples must have a vibrant color, whether green or red. Bright red, yellow and green are the best choice. If you look at an apple, it almost needs to look back on you!

In short, if your apple looks attractive and you want to eat it, it is fine to make juice.


I don't think there is one kind of apple that is bad for making juice, except maybe crabapples or one of the other small, sour apples. Every apple that you can buy in a supermarket and that you would like to eat alone, tastes great in your fresh juice.

Make sure you buy enough apples if you are looking for a whole glass of apple juice. You generally need about 3 or 4 to make 8 ounces of apple juice.

Let me know how you continue to make your own apple juice, especially if you have found the perfect type of apple. Share your experiences with me in the comments below.

Happy Juicing!

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