Vegan Smoothie with Strawberry and Banana

By Olga Gallego, publisher of free recipes. June 20, 2016

From we bring you a new recipe video! This time it's a vegan smoothie strawberry and banana In addition to being very good, it is also very healthy since it will provide us with many vitamins and minerals that our body needs, such as vitamins B and C from strawberries, and folic acid and banana potassium. In addition, almond milk makes this smoothie vegan, containing no ingredients of animal origin.

There is no doubt that fruit and vegetable smoothies are an excellent choice for losing weightbut you do not have to follow a diet to take it, so give it to the to play and enjoy this strawberry and banana banana smoothie right now!

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To prepare this vegan smoothie strawberry and banana We have used almond milk, but you can use any other type of grain-based milk, seed or nut (which does not contain lactose), such as rice milk, milk with spelled, nut milk, or you can even use Soy Milk if you prefer.

The amounts of strawberries and bananas and the amount of almond milk are indicative, so you can always add more or less depending on the softness and thickness you want in your drink.

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