The sun never sets CBD. That's why a citrusy sip from a refreshing CBD-soaked, spicy Palmona mezcal cocktail makes an endless summer day not only refreshing, but also rejuvenating. While most sugary cocktails will weigh you down and make you drowsy and foggy the next day, this perfect Paloma (with a kick) is completely natural and built to relax the nerves and lighten the heavy. We prefer a CBD-like Feals with only traceable amounts of THC (less than 0.3 percent) to make it a premium CBD experience, so you can relax and calm your mind without the hangover. And if you need a little help in putting together your CBD mezcal cocktail, we've covered you below.

All photos & thanks to Feals

How does this modern twist on the Paloma sound to you? Let us know if you dump your drink to increase your zen with Feals CBD!

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