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As a (very) busy mother of three children, I am always on the road and never have time for nutritious meals, unless it's dinner and I force my family to have some time together and fish fingers. So when I heard that celery juice was grateful for a moment, largely thanks to some impressive sounding health benefits, I took note of it.

People have made juice forever and we've seen at least a million and three variations of each smoothie and juice recipe under the sun, but apparently there's something healing about juicing a bunch of celery with a hint of water. Some people swear by this tonic as a way to find a healthier body.

It is said that the benefits of celery juice are

  • Anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce flare-ups in joints and skin
  • General bowel health, including pain relief and bloating, acid burping, and IBS
  • Clears the skin including some eczema problems
  • A good source of vitamins C and K, both essential for a healthy body
  • And contain bioactive flavonoids, which are said to help prevent cancer

It's easy to see why someone would want to give this celery juice a chance. But are these health tonic claims of true healing true? Science still catches up with these claims, but there is a study that shows that celery juice has anti-inflammatory properties.

However, as with any food fade, it is wise to remember that no one should live on a celery juice diet alone and that no one (or pill or hype of any kind) can substitute and exercise the benefits and effects of a balanced diet on health of an individual.

That said, adding a regimen of celery juice to your diet may not be a bad idea because of the commonly reported health benefits.

To try this tonic:

  • Collect a bunch of celery broth – organic is best if you can get it.
  • Cut off the leafy tops and the bulbous root end,
  • Wash the broth thoroughly and place in a juicer with a quarter to a half cup of cold water.

Some say that smoothies are healthier because it contains the fiber material that leaves juice. Because most smoothies depend on fruit that contains a lot of sugar, that added fiber can help the body not to absorb as much sugar. But with celery there is almost no sugar present in the vegetables, so you can feel good if you skip the smoothie.

If the taste of celery and water sounds less than tasty, you can brighten it up by adding lemon or lime, ginger, apple or even including celery in your normal juice / smoothie routine.

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