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Today, it seems that juice bars are constantly appearing in different neighborhoods, giving people a new chance to explore a "healthier" way of dieting. In specialty shops and supermarkets, consumers see a consistent range of rainbow fluids, all claiming to offer greater, better and stronger health benefits than standard water or fruit juices, all using the "cold press" method.

With cold pressing you can enjoy a refreshing, food-filled way to get your five a day. Cold press juices are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, making them perfect for busy people who don't have much time to concentrate on their diet. If you are looking for an opportunity to improve your well-being quickly and effectively, cold pressing is the answer for you.

What is cold juice?

You've probably been the first to squeeze orange juice into a glass to help you wake up – but cold juice is something completely different. Cold press juice is unique because it is made in a completely different way than most standard juices. The extraction method is very scientifically advanced, because cold juices use a special machine that combines slow pulverizers with hydraulic presses to get the most nutrition from your fruit and vegetables.

Cold presses are not like the standard presses that you have on your kitchen counter. Instead, they are designed to preserve and protect the various nutrients that you want to access when you squeeze fruit and vegetables. Because there is no heat involved, you do not have to worry about burning vitamins, minerals or enzymes (which are heat sensitive) of your favorite products. Moreover, you still get all the health benefits you could expect from your ingredients, often in higher volumes.

Why cold pressing is great for your body

Cold-press juice is much more than just a modern health level. In fact, the benefits of these juices are limitless. Whether you are a die-hard fitness fan or someone who is just trying to improve their well-being step by step, you can use cold pressing to improve your health. Drinking cold press juices helps your body to go through the detoxification process easily.

Most of us forget that every day we expose ourselves to a significant amount of toxic substances in the environment. Moreover, we fill our system with other unhealthy substances such as junk food and alcohol. With cold press juice you can give your body's organs the boost they need to keep up with the detoxification process.

The cold juice process means that your juice retains more of its standard nutrients because the fruits and vegetables that you use are not exposed to shredding with knives. Because oxidation kills nutrients, you keep this process to a minimum. What's more, cold pressing also keeps more juice out of your products, extracting more of the benefits of your fruits and vegetables than a standard centrifugal juicer.

Because you also remove the hard-to-digest fibers from your juices, you can immediately boost your system with cold juices. Your organs can immediately begin to absorb the benefits, which means you can start your day with a quick boost of energy and focus.

Use Cold-Press Juice for detoxification

The various unique benefits of cold pressing make many people turn to this method when considering using juice for detoxification. Cold press juice cleaning is a great way to help your body when you have to press the reset button on your digestive system. Sticking to juice for a while, especially cold-pressed juice with lots of great enzymes, gives your body much-needed rest. This means that the rest of your organs have more time to release the toxins that have accumulated in your system.

By using a cold-pressed juice detoxification, you can start removing all toxins and contaminants from your system that you come into contact with every day. This means that you can heal your body quickly and give it a boost of vitamins and minerals along the way that leads to more energy, less uncontrollable appetite, less bloating and also beautiful, clear skin.

If you are looking for a quick and effective way to revitalize your senses and improve your health, it is hard to get much better than cold pressing.

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Bio: Rebekah is a proponent of healthy eating and a full-time writer who likes to learn everything about the newest health and fitness solutions on the market. If she doesn't write, she spends her time improving her well-being.

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