Fmobility can be a good factor, on the condition that your young people in all likelihood nevertheless want greater than you think. Don't build your life around their phone calls and visits, although Caroline Clitherow, a mother of three, has arranged a floristry company, because that's your time. "Remember: life does not end when your children leave the house – it starts."

That is, until the grandchildren arrive.

Caroline Clitherow, 56, florist

When Caroline and Bruce Clitherow's eldest daughter left for college, they also decided to live. Their lives were primarily based on colleges and jobs, but these items had quickly become a factor of the previous. "When your parents are dead and you both approach retirement age, life becomes a little daunting," says Caroline. "We needed a new project."

They bought the house in Hampshire, the place where Caroline had moved when their oldest young person was one, and found a thing smaller in the neighborhood of Lymington, with land for chickens and horses.

The transfer enabled them to pay off their mortgage and dismantle cash to help their youth, Charlotte, now 27, Emma, ​​25 and Henry, 22 during their studies and in their careers. "It is a mistake to think that your children will no longer trust you financially once they have left home," Caroline explains.

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