Tamarind juice for pregnant women

By Laura Durán, professional chef. Updated: March 3, 2016

Tamarind juice for pregnant women

In this recipe we will prepare a refreshing drink, a fruit juice for pregnant women, a tamarind pineapple juice. This juice with diuretic properties, ideal to fight against the retention of water, helps strengthen the bones, burn fat and facilitate digestion. Plus, it's an excellent combination that offers a contrast of exquisite flavors.

If you are waiting for your baby to arrive and do not know what you can eat and what, keep reading and learn with RecipesGratis.net to prepare it. embassy juice and start enjoying all its benefits.

2 dinners
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap cost, Recommended for pregnant women, Recommended for weight loss, Ideal for accompanying with soda, Cold
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

The first step to making the tamarind juice recipe is list the ingredients. Do not forget that in many countries, tamarind is known as dry date.

Tamarind Juice for Pregnant Women - Step 1

In a bowl or bowl add tamarind pulp with 500 milliliters of water. Reserve for 15 minutes and remove with your hands the potatoes containing the tamarind pulp. If you prefer, you can pass it through a strainer to finish removing any residue or piece.

Tamarind Juice for Pregnant Women - Step 2

Being such a concentrated product, it is necessary to soak the tamarind pulp for a few minutes to soften it and be able to treat it. In this way, once the pepas and impurities of tamarind are removed, add the rest of the water and leave it again.

Trick: Always work with the natural and never-sweet pulp of tamarind.

Tamarin Juice for Pregnant Women - Step 3

In the mixer add pineapple pulp, sugar and tamarind dissolved in water. Mix for a few minutes until the ingredients are incorporated.

Trick: If you wish, you can replace the sugar with stevia because the tamarind pulp does not contain sugar and can be a bit acidic.

Tamarind Juice for Pregnant Women - Step 4

Finally, add ice cream and continue the treatment. Ideally, get a tamarind hit to refresh pregnant women and other people who consume it.

Tamarind Juice for Pregnant Women - Step 5

Serve immediately tamarind juice for pregnant woman so that you can consume it cold. This juice is really refreshing and you can enjoy all the benefits that these two fruits contain, which combine very well and provide excellent flavor. Enjoy!

Tamarind Juice for Pregnant Women - Step 6

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How to drink tamarind juice for pregnant women

It is ideal to consume this juice three times a day because it helps to not hold liquids during pregnancy. In addition, it is refreshing, so it is ideal to take it at the beginning of the day, another at lunch and the last with the snack.

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