• Nutritionists suggest drinking cucumber juice in the summer
  • About 90% of the cucumber consists of water
  • These recipes of cucumber-based drinks are super hydrating

When the flaming weather drives up the heat in peak summers, we long to cool food and drinks. Of all summer-friendly foods, cucumbers are always loved for their cooling properties. About 90% of the cucumber consists of water, which works well in the balmy climate because it helps to hydrate the body by replenishing lost fluids due to sweating. Cucumber is known as one of the best foods for weight loss, because the low amount of calories in the food causes the existing calories to burn during the digestion of this fiber-rich food.

Cucumbers are usually eaten in salads, but the juice is equally healthy and flavorful. Nutritionists propose to squeeze a raw cucumber. However, if you want to make your drinks more spicy, here are some ideas for making cucumber drinks that can help you this season.

Recipes Of Detox Cucumber Drinks

Cucumber Mojito

Do you want to relax with a refreshing cocktail on the weekend after a long week? This drink with cucumber and mint, topped with rum and champagne, will let you enjoy your evening.

View the full recipe here

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Summer drink: Cucumber Mojito

Virgin Cucumber Cooler

For teetotallers, this mocktail with cucumber and mint works great in this weather. You don't have to wait for the weekend to enjoy this super fresh drink. Drink this easy to make cucumber cooler at any time, every day.

View the full recipe here

virgin cucumber cooler

Summer drink: Virgin Cucumber Cooler

Green Cucumber Shots

These cucumber shots are prepared with tasty herbs and spices. Drink this refreshing shot every day to take full advantage of the benefits of cucumber.

View the full recipe here

cucumber shots

Summer drink: Cucumber shots

Chilled Cucumber Soup

Soup is one of the healthiest evening meals and this chilled soup recipe will definitely make you want more. Made with cucumber and yogurt, this chilled cucumber soup provides freshness after a hot, tiring day.

View the full recipe here

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chilled cucumber soup

Summer drink: chilled cucumber soup

Drink cucumber juice in the form of these brewes or serve these drinks to welcome people to your home. With these interesting and easy recipes of drinks made from cucumbers, entering this burning and long summer season becomes easier.

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