Peach juice and Paraguayan juice

By Cris GRX, specialized in Spanish gastronomy. July 6, 2016

Peach juice and Paraguayan juice

In hot weather, the best way to hydrate is to drink fluids. The fruit is of course ideal for the preparation refreshing drinks. Fruit smoothies are prepared in a very simple way and in a very short time, you just need to liquefy the fruits you prefer.

In we have prepared a Peach juice and Paraguayan juice seasoned with a little lime juice and some fresh peppermint leaves. This fruit juice is super fresh and contains very few calories. Run to try it!

2 dinners
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap cost, Recommended for children, Recommended for weight loss, Popular in Spring-Summer
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

We gather all the ingredients prepare peach juice and Paraguayan juice. This fruit juice is perfect for kids, but if adults want to take it with more brilliance, you can put a touch of rum in the end and serve it very cold with ice.

Peach Juice and Paraguay Juice - Step 1

Peel the peaches and cut them into small pieces by removing the central bone. Peach is a fruit that contains a lot of water and is an excellent antioxidant because of its beta-carotene content.

Peach juice and Paraguayan juice - Step 2

In the same way, we stripped the Paraguayansthe central bone is removed and cut into pieces. Paraguayans are also known as Paraguayans and come from China. This fruit is a variant of fishing.

Peach juice and Paraguayan juice - Step 3

We put the fruit in a blender glass and we squeeze the juice of half a lime. The lime gives this fruit smoothie a super refreshing taste.

Peach juice and Paraguayan juice - Step 4

Add a few mint leaves or fresh mint, half a liter of cold water and a teaspoon of sugar. You can really do without sugar and if in the end it seems a bit acidic (for lime juice), you can add it at the end.

We beat peach juice and Paraguayan juice until there are no pieces. If it is too thick, we can add more water.

Peach juice and Paraguayan juice - Step 5

If you do not want to find peppermint leaf, you can filter the juice. This Peach juice and Paraguayan juice It can be taken at breakfast or prepared for the snack of children (and adults).

We offer another refreshing drink against heat, such as coconut and papaya smoothie or pineapple smoothie with ice cream. We hope you like them!

Peach juice and Paraguayan juice - Step 6

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