Orange juice with honey and cinnamon

Updated: February 18, 2016

This natural orange juice It is recommended to fight colds and colds. Cinnamon will help increase body temperature, avoiding the annoying chills of this disease. In addition, it will provide you with a large amount of vitamin C that will strengthen your defenses and its taste is exquisite. Learn how to prepare for orange juice with honey and cinnamon And start the day with energy.

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Steps to prepare this recipe:

To take advantage of all the properties of this cold juiceThe first thing to do is to heat the water over medium heat and add it with the cinnamon stick. Wait until it is boiled and reserved.


Apart, cut the oranges in half and remove all the juice. It is important that this juice is made with natural fruits, otherwise it will have a good taste but it will not have the beneficial properties for our body.


Mix the orange juice with the water with cinnamon and honey. Mix well until the honey dissolves completely.


Drink immediately, at the time of breakfast or in the afternoon. he orange juice with honey and cinnamon This will help you fight the cold and if you also take care of your diet, you can combine it with a salmon and avocado sandwich to start the day with energy.

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