Oatmeal and carrot juice

By Laura Durán, professional chef. Updated: March 7, 2016

Oatmeal and carrot juice

Other detoxification juice This will surprise you with its delicious flavor. In this recipe from RecipesGratis.net, we bring a delicious combination of fruits and vegetables that also brings multiple benefits to the body. It is one of a kind oatmeal and carrot juice, ideal for people suffering from constipation or wishing to lose weight. If one of them is your case, read on and start enjoying it. slimming drink.

2 dinners
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap cost, recommended to lose weight, cold
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

The first step in preparing the recipe for oatmeal and carrot juice is list the ingredients.

Carrot and oatmeal juice - Step 1

Take a processor or a mixer pineapple, carrot previously peeled and cut into medium pieces and water. Treat the ingredients well.

Trick: If you have a juice extractor, you can facilitate this process with this kitchen utensil.

Oatmeal and carrot juice - Step 2

Once the ingredients from the previous step have been processed, bring this mixture into each of the glasses and reserve it for a moment. Then add to the blender oat flakes with orange juice and treat again until these ingredients are incorporated.

Oatmeal and carrot juice - Step 3

Mix all the ingredients of the slimming juice so that they are well integrated.

Trick: If you wish, you can add honey or stevia to the juice to give it a sweet touch, or you can consume it with the fructose of orange and pineapple which is the natural sugar of the fruits .

Oatmeal and carrot juice - step 4

Serve it oatmeal and carrot juice add chia seeds or amaranth as an additional ingredient, as this helps to lose weight. Enjoy!

Carrot and Oatmeal - Step 5

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How to drink oatmeal and carrot juice

I recommend you to consume this drink morning and fastingWell, it will have excellent health benefits. If you wish, you can add a pinch of stevia because it is for weight loss and it is not recommended to use regular sugar. This drink will help you lose weight more easily, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise. If you wish, you can remove the rest of the fiber of the products used or consume it, it depends on the taste of each dinner.

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